Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt have decided not to share their baby Lyla’s face on social media. Although they have shared photos of baby Lyla with the face hidden there’s no photo with the face.

Baby Lyla was born in August 2020, Katherine explains that their aim is to protect baby’s privacy. They said so in Todays show.

Since Katherine Schwarzenegger is a daughter of two celebrities she perfectly knows how famous people deal with their kids. Since her parents kept their children out of the spotlight she says that privacy is key in a family.

Schwarzenegger Explains Why She And Chris Pratt Won't Post Photos Of Baby Lyla's Face
image credits; katherineschwarzenegger’s instagram

Katherine says that she grew up without social media at the time, so it is a kind of something different since people nowadays share everything on social media.

She further says that they had a beautiful childhood, they had their own identity, and they had the ability to step into the public when they wanted which felt comfortable for them. She says that the privacy of their kid is important to them and is not necessary to show their baby much on social media. Katherine and her siblings exclaims that it was such an amazing thing that their parents gave them which they hope to continue that tradition among their kids as well.

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