A US pilot who saw ‘UFOs’ flying in restricted airspace every day while on the job has said he’s “worried.” It comes a few weeks after a high recycled report on the UFO display of the Pentagon. The intelligence did not find any sign of alien organisms, but they did not know many recordings. Sixty minutes to a new record spoke to Summary from 2014, and seeing scenes would be difficult. “I’m worried. You know, if you are in another country from another country, it will be a massive problem.

'UFOs in restricted US airspace every day': Navy pilot 'sad' after seeing this

“But because it seems to be quite different, we don’t like to look at the face. We’re glad to look at us at the moment.”

He and his team teach with two different tracking methods, radar and infrared. He said, “It is hard to” see it ‘and’ every two years ‘every day,’ every day, every day, reports every vision.

'UFOs in restricted US airspace every day': Navy pilot 'sad' after seeing this

The US government is a significant record of the number of hundreds of 2004 to 2021. Experts, the majority of infrared, arms, or radar are involved in most physical vessels. One incident was resolved when it seems a canceled balloon, not UFO. The US report, including safe progress or disruptive technology in the Air space, is potential stripers or disruptive technology in the United States. The report states that despite the findings, the United Nations should not focus on the evidence of alien life. But they did not prove that they were on Earth.

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