After being surprised by his response, a woman who sent a message asking why a builder quit her job shared the exchange on the internet. She explains that before hiring someone to re-plaster her kitchen, she got recommendations from people she knew. But three days after going to work, the man filled his luggage without a word and left his work halfway through. When she texted him to ask when he would be back to finish work, she said she had received a very graded answer – she could even suggest it was inappropriate.

Especially, the woman, who only called herself Emmy, shared the screenshots of the Girlsmouth Facebook group messaging.

“So I hired a plasterer from Recommendations, 3 hours later on the 3rd he disappeared, no texting, I quit, nothing.

The woman shares 'creepy' messages from the builder after losing her job

“I sent him a message this morning to end this reply. I was shocked that I did not respond. Are there any suggestions? “I finished half of my kitchen because of the silver lining.” When asked when he would return and finish plastering, the man said he would like to have sex with her before saying, “No, I’m not coming back.” He describes the obvious event that would have happened if he had ended up coming back: “So I’m not coming back, I want to do evil to you. “Now that you’re ready for it, I’ll be back. Don’t worry about the money, don’t worry about it.”

The woman shares 'creepy' messages from the builder after losing her job

And also, the customer said she was “surprised to make him a cup of tea only a few times on my soft PJ machines” and that he was “old enough to be my dad,” as reported by The Sun. His message received thousands of responses from people who were surprised by his message, as someone said: “Wtf bit of creep needs to be reported.” Wrote for a second: “Wow, he’s a professional and dedicated to his work.”

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