Throughout the 80 year history of Marvel, for the first time they have introduced a gay character in the name of Captain America. It is in a comic book series “United States of Captain America.”

Aeron Fischer, the gay teenager whose titled as “Captain America of the Railways” considered as the newest marvel hero. His mission is to protect youth and the homeless.

The story is comprised with already available figures Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and John Walker. The task is to find Steve’s missing shield. During their quest, they come across people who have been motivated by Captain America’s icon to support their own neighborhoods, including Aaron Fischer.

In a tweet, founder Aaron Trujillo said, “Aaron is influenced by legends of the queer community: campaigners, politicians, and ordinary folks pushing for a better life.” “He is the face of the poor and neglected. I hope readers like his debut story and that it inspires the next generation of heroes.”

Marvel Announces The First Gay Captain America In New Comic Series
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Jan Bazaldua is the designer and illustrator of Aeron Fischer.


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