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Friends and family of British actress Tanya Fear are increasingly concerned that she has not been seen since September 9th. 

According to a friend who appealed to join Twitter, an emergency social media appeal has been launched to find the LA-based Tanya. She appeared in Doctor Who after her last appearance in the Hollywood Ball area in LA. Another friend said: “Our friend Tanya is missing. And also, the last time we saw her was on 9/9/21 in the LA area. 

'Doctor Who' actor Tanya Fear reported missing three days ago.Her cousin is also deeply concerned, urging the public to share a photo of Tanya saying, “she has no family in the US, and we are all worried.” 

Tanya describes herself as a black Afro with brown eyes, curly hair, and a 5’3 ‘140 pound body. 

She was in Doctor Who in 2018 and played the role of Dr. Jade McIntyre in the UK Arachnids episode. According to IMDb, she was also on Kick-Ass 2 in 2013. 

'Doctor Who' actor Tanya Fear reported missing three days ago.

She is a high-rise comedian who entered King’s College London. Tanya seems to be a bit active on Twitter, and her last article was on September 8th. 

Tanya is believed to be in her thirties and has both acting and humor, and her biography states that she is a director and writer. Most recently, she created Shoot Your Shot 2: an international concert, a comedy short film. The official Doctor Who website on Twitter has also posted about the missing actress. 

'Doctor Who' actor Tanya Fear reported missing three days ago.

They wrote: “Warning for the Disappeared: Tania Fear, who played Jade in Doctor Who, ‘arachnids in the UK’ disappeared on 9/9/2021. Fans for the star have also been posting messages on social media. 

One person posted a Twitter message saying, “I hope she finds out soon.” Another said: “We hope she comes home.” The third person said: “Please, Tanya come home soon.” 

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