Does wearing green and drinking Guinness have anything to do with Saint Patrick?

The answer is No. Saint Patrick is not even his real name. Below are some facts that will make you say “whooa, I never see that coming!”

St. Patrick’s Day
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Actually Saint Patrick was a British.

Patrick is someone mostly admired and celebrated person of Ireland. He was born around the year 390. 

When talking about his life, at the 16 he was kidnapped and was treated as a slave that bought him over to Ireland. He turned into Chrstianity after escaping himself from Ireland to France. After converting himself he became a priest and then a bishop. After that he went to Ireland in 432 as a missionary. He was named Ireland’s Patron Saint after his death where he played a major role in Ireland in converting Irish to Christianity. 

Ever knew his real name?

When he converted into a bishop he changed his name to Patrick so before that his name was Maewyn Succat. 

When is Saint Patrick’s birthday? March 17?

People celebrating Saint’s birthday on March 17 might have never known that March 17, 461 AD is the day he actually died.

St. Patrick’s Day
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Where did the first St. Patrick’s Day parade happened?

Actually the First Patrick Day happened in America, New York in 1762, not Ireland. St. Patrick’s day soon became a general holiday with the increase of Irish immigrants entering into the US. When considering the amount of people participating in the parade it’s around 150,000 and around 2 million people come to watch the parade. Due to Covid 19 situation this year the situation will be different. 

St. Patrick’s day is a dry holiday. 

Since St. Patrick’s day is considered a religious day and all the bars were asked to close on March 17 in the 20th century. Everything changed after it became a national holiday in 1970 that made pubs a place to celebrate. 

Green was considered unlucky.

The color that should be worn is blue, not green. Green was considered unlucky and blue was the color mostly appreciated by Patrick. Now you are wondering why green then? Yeah, in order to gain independence from English the green color was the color linked to Irish rebellions in history. 

When waves of Irish immigrants arrived in America, they started wearing green and bearing the Irish flag to display their respect for their homeland.

St. Patrick’s Day
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Is Shamrock originally a teaching tool?

It is not true that Patrick used the three leaf clover to teach others about Christianity. There is a right for shamrock to have a connection with the Holy Trinity since number three is considered a sacred number in Irish mythology. 

No female leprechauns.

There have never been a female leprechauns. Ever wondered a reason for that? Leprechauns are considered as a part of the fairy family. It is said that the leprechauns are rejected fairies who are expelled from the fairy community.

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