Forget Cristiano Ronaldo; the sharpest new signing of the week is Simu, who brings strength, grace, and a touch of steel to the aging Avengers lineup. The former stuntman never misses a flying step in his hugely entertaining first solo film. When we meet Liu’s Shang-Chi, he goes by the nickname Shaun and works as a hotel driver in San Francisco with his best partner Katie. Just like we step into a mild boring comedy movie, this couple goes on a very eventful bus ride. A gang of thugs dressed in bionic arms tries to steal a mysterious pendulum hanging around Shaun’s neck. The Valet driver answers with martial arts moving bubbles. Shaun reveals his true identity to his best friend after tearing up a fast-paced dance scene in a fantastic style across the streets of San Francisco.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Marvel's new signatures are impressive.

And also, he is the son of centuries-old superhero Wenwu, and his powerful powers come in 10 bracelets. Next, Shang- takes Katie and runs to Macau, worried that he will target his estranged sister (Manager Zhang).

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Marvel's new signatures are impressive.

Especially, the bright half-hour opening concludes with a sequential scene influenced by Jackie Chan in a skyscraper covered with bamboo scaffolding. Since this is an Avengers movie, we suspect we are heading towards a final grand finale involving CGI monsters. And some inter-dimensional portal. But even though the destination is familiar as usual, the journey is refreshing. Director Destin Daniel Cretan is just wrong, mixing with epic family drama and fine physical comedy. Katie may not be Aukwafina’s superhero, but she’s the most important nerd in the Marvel machine as a trouble-free, enjoyable comedian.

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