Rumors on Kim Kardashian dating CNN’s Van Jones
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Dating or no? Rumors about Kim dating CNN’s Van Jones have been recently going around. Dating rumors started to circulate after her split with the American rapper Kanye West. has said that the both were romantically linked from around January this year.

Jones who is 52 is a nonprofit founder, a bestselling author as well as a commentator. Both Jones and Kim appeared together publicly in 2018 in the Rolling Stone’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit. Being keynote speakers, both got into discussion about the requirement of prison reform in the United States. 

Jones has also interviewed Kim on CNN for THE VAN JONES SHOW to talk about her meetings with President Trump. If you can trace back she discussed commuting sentences of nonviolent offenders like Alice Johnson.

Per the outlet, Jones called her meeting with Donal Trump to discuss Johnson and others “the most effective, emotionally intelligent intervention that I’ve ever seen in American politics.”

Talking about Jones’ personal history, he left his wife Jana Carter back in 2018. He has not been seeing anyone publicly since that time. Jones told he had nothing to share about a dating life. Kim left Kanye along with her marriage with reasons that caused the split. Fans started thinking that Jones is the best suitable partner for her.

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