When pubs reopened last month, there were lines outside, but what will the movies look like tomorrow?

On paper, the most significant appeal for adults is Oscar winner Nomadland, available on Disney+ for two weeks. With this terrific action movie about a guilt-ridden fireman, it’s up to Angelina Jolie to revive home viewers’ love of the big screen.

Jolie is a loose cannon in this film. Hannah was likely relocated to a distant observation tower deep in Montana’s woods after failing a mental examination. Hannah has been left alone with recollections of the day she “misread the wind”. And witnessed three children burn to death in a roaring blaze while her colleagues specialized firemen enjoy macho banter on the frontline.

Review of Those Who Wish Me Dead: Angelina Jolie reignites our passion

And also, when Angelina crosses paths with 12-year-old Connor (Finn Little), who is on the run from vicious hitmen (Aidan Gillen and Nicholas Hoult) who murdered his accountant father before he could reveal a web of injustice, she gets a chance at atonement.

Review of Those Who Wish Me Dead: Angelina Jolie reignites our passion

And also, the chase sequences provide a suitably dramatic backdrop as the assassins try to cover their ineptitude by setting a forest fire. Taylor Sheridan (Wind River) spends too much time on a subplot involving Jon Bernthal’s officer and his pregnant wife and doesn’t wholly build the relationship between the scared kid and traumatized Hannah (Medina Senhorne). So the pace is wrong, but the shoot-outs are thrilling, the landscape is breathtaking, and Jolie shines in her first acting role since 2010’s Salt. Those Who Wish Me Dead is an excellent rebuttal to the critics who have been gleefully predicting the end of cinema.

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