Saweetie and Quavo Have Broken Up

After three years together Saweetie and Quavo have broken up. Saweetie have confirmed that they broke up on twitter. She wrote “I’m single,” on March 19. she says that she has been hurt and betrayed behind the scenes for a fake character. Presents don’t cover up scars, and love isn’t genuine when it’s shared with other women.

she says that she happy with the beginning of her new chapter. Even though Quavo presented expensive gifts to Saweetie, she is okay with moving on.

Later Quavo submitted on twitter saying that he had the love for her. And he further says that he’s not disappointed about what she did and also he says that she’s not the woman he thought she was. Quavo wishes her good luck with life.

They felt in love in 2018 through Instagram by Quavo dropping into Saweetie’s direct messages. They often posed together in red carpets and shared celebrations with their fans. Finally they have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

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