Piers Morgan eats his hat to congratulate Emma Raducanu on winning the U.S. Open tennis title just months after leaving Wimbledon. 

The 56-year-old former Good Morning hostess congratulated 18-year-old Leylah Fernandez on her dramatic defeat in the final. 

Piers’s words of encouragement may have been hard for him to type when Emma, ​​who left Wimbledon, was attacked on social media earlier. But the T.V. announcer praised the star after winning the final 6-3 and 6-4, becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam 44 years later.

Piers Morgan swallows words at celebrities praising Emma Raducanu's tennis victory.

Referring to Twitter in praise of Emma, ​​Piers wrote: “@EmmaRaducanu won the U.S. Open. And, this is one of the greatest victories in the history of British sports. Congratulations, Emma – you are the champion.” 

Commenting on his previous attack on the tennis player, he said: “In three months, from the Wimbledon Choker to the U.S. Open champion, I have never seen such a brilliant example of mental strength and resilience as Emma Raducanu’s victory. That is the meaning of the elite game – facing loss/disaster and going back without any whining or determination.” 

Piers had previously beaten Emma after leaving Wimbledon in the third round in the summer. 

Piers Morgan swallows words at celebrities praising Emma Raducanu's tennis victory.

He had previously tweeted: “Ms. Raducunu is a talented athlete but could not control the pressure when she was severely beaten. It is a shame, not brave.”

Last week’s T.V. presenter was in a frenzy and suddenly became the ‘Emma team’ as soon as she qualified for the U.S. Open finals. On the night of Emma’s victory, Gary Lineker created a version of his own ‘history’ – congratulating him on Twitter as he presented Match of the Day. 

Piers Morgan swallows words at celebrities praising Emma Raducanu's tennis victory.

The 60-year-old wrote: “For the first time in my life, I tweeted when I flew in, but how good is my performance, how much of an achievement, what an amazing young woman? Congratulations, Emma Raducanu, for an amazing victory. Winner of the U.S. Open at 18 without losing a set. Unusually amazing. ” 

Emma received approval from the Royal Family – online greetings with Queen HM, Prince William, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. And, in a statement shared on Twitter, the Queen said, “It was a remarkable achievement at such a young age. And also, it is a testament to your hard work and dedication.” 

Especially, in a Twitter message, the Duchess of Cambridge said: “Congratulations on @EmmaRaducanu excellent performance and Grand Historic Grand Slam victory! And also, the Sports presenter Gabby Logan said: “Is this the most outstanding athletic achievement we have ever seen as an individual athlete? 

Furthermore, Stephen Fry tweeted: “What a glorious day for two outstanding girls! Yes, it may be the ‘only’ sport, but in that ‘only you can see human joy, despair, glory, despair, wonder, and hope. A brief light in a dark world. ” 


As Jimmy Carr writes: “Spoiler Alert: Sports Personality of the Year, Emma Raducanu.” T.V. presenter Kirstie Allsopp wrote on Twitter: “Turn to @channel4  to inspire your teens.” 

Football star Marcus Rashford tweeted: “Look at that turn of Emma Raducanu US Open champion, it is amazing. Best wishes.”

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