As we know, countdown presenter and BBC radio star Carol Vorderman have spoken out in defense of new BBC breakfast star Owain Wyn Evans after saying, “Naga Munchetty is mentally motivated.”

The 60 – year – old pointed out on BBC Radio Wales that Owain was not exactly the cup of tea that served breakfast.

The Eagle-eyed Carol seemed to mention the show on Saturday and saw the TV announcer listening to the meteorologist with a humorous warning of the weather. As well, Owain and Carol joined the airline to talk about the role of the meteorologist. And, Owain praised the timely bombshell for being “ridiculous” in her new position and commenting on her own opinion. 

Naga Munchetty 'being driven mental' by new BBC Breakfast co-star, says Carol Vorderman.

Speaking on the radio while exchanging hands with Owen Money – Carol, who participated in the discussion, said: “Hello Quiff [Owain]!”

“I saw him on the telephone; it confuses me,” Owen explained. “Oh, hello!” Shiny Owain. Laughing, Carol interjected: “Yes, he’s funny,” before adding: “He’s mentally managing Naga Munchetty at the moment.”

Naga Munchetty 'being driven mental' by new BBC Breakfast co-star, says Carol Vorderman.

Especially, changing the flow of the conversation, radio star Owen said:

“Oh, I like her shoes,” instead of praising Naga’s sense of style. “She has good shoes,” Carol agreed. The mathematician joked about her style of “there is a woman who tastes in shoes, not like this here.” Naga received more praise and said, “Hey, she’s such an amazing golfer; she’s an amazing golfer.” 

Naga Munchetty

And also, Owain replied: “Isn’t she?” Carol may have realized that she mocked Naga Owain on the show yesterday. “Say something sensible,” Naga told Owain after a serious episode about e-scooters with police warnings aired. Both Charlie Stayt and Naga were stunned to see scenes of a man riding an e-scooter through a busy car lane. 

Charlie explained, “People remind not to ride e-scooters at speeds of more than 30 miles per hour.” Especially, unaware of his reaction to the angry behavior, Naga turned to Owain to fill the gap in a “sensitive” way. 

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