Image Courtesy: Saira Khan

Saira left the concert at the beginning of 2015 after deciding to leave the concert six years after joining the regular board. When she left at the beginning of the year, she said the reason was that she wanted to “pursue other life experiences.” 

In an exclusive interview with the media, she explained that she was looking for a job, and her heart was not in it. “When you get home, you feel short about yourself and what you said. The only thing you can do is make a difference.” 


Regarding her decision to leave the ITV panel concert, she said her decision was a mixture of different things. “First, I will go beyond the program. There were some women, I thought, ‘I have to be patient with you to do the job, and in real life, you will not be my friend.’

It was also revealed that Saira did not follow the majority of her former co-stars on social media. 

Loose woman Saira Khan says that the supporting cast was patient before leaving the 'poison' concert.

However, she is still close with Coleen Nolan, Ruth Langsford, Linda Robson, and Christine Lampard.  Her social media is also a less toxic place, and she feels “more confident.”  January, she swept her co-stars on an Instagram post, where she wrote: “You make friends with some people, some people are tolerant, some people are there with you – Saira Khan.”

Loose woman Saira Khan says that the supporting cast was patient before leaving the 'poison' concert.

Saira explained that it was a good job and that having a good wardrobe, friends, and money was not easy to get out of that role. “But when you discuss a subject so innocently with your friends, the amount of trolls you get over the internet is horrible,” she said.

“It is toxic to women. It is a concert for women, but I do not feel it is a strength to me.” Since leaving the concert earlier in the year, the 51-year-old mother of two has focused on her beauty business, health, and family life with her husband, Steve Hyde.

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