Image Courtesy: Ebanie Bridges

Leeds United fan Ebanie Bridges celebrates her victory at Headingley on Saturday with two tattoos. Earlier this year, the title of ‘Blonde Bomber’ came when she competed in the underwear against Shannon Courtenay to win her WBA Bantamweight title. 

The Australian, a big fan of Leeds United, took to social media to celebrate the seventh career victory of her career.

Despite a hand injury in the fight, the decision was to defeat Miles Gangloff of France, who won the Brigades, knocking out the knockout as the fourth victory of her career.

“Thank you, Leeds. What an experience,” the 34-year-old wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for all the love and acceptance you gave me last night. 

Leeds fan Ebanie Bridges celebrates Yorkshire boxing victory with two tattoos.

From the 2nd, the right was broken, and it got worse. Bridges later posted a photo of a new tattoo on her wrist, the White Rose in York, as a small memento of her time in Leeds. She also posted two photos of herself getting small tattoos while painting a diamond on each ankle. 

Leeds fan Ebanie Bridges celebrates Yorkshire boxing victory with two tattoos.

Bridges now hold a 7-1 record and are on a two-game winning streak. In April, she lost to Courtenay unanimously as the two clashed in London for the vacant Bantamweight title.

During last weekend’s win over Gangloff, fans were confused by Bridges’ performance as they seemed to be pulling a punch in the latter round. Even if it was a fight, a decisive publication victory was needed to get attention for the future title. 

However, as in her Instagram post, it was clear that her hand was injured during the fight. After handing over the final few rounds to her opponent, Bridges won a very close contest. Her impressive effort won the cheers of the partisan Leeds audience. 

The ‘Blonde Bomber’ raised local donations by attending a weightlifting event, wearing her trademark underwear in the lead United color. She also wears a Leeds scarf and walks her ring. And Bridge’s appreciation for her acceptance by the local people is now forever etched on her body. 

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