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According to reports, a hunt is in progress after the husband was killed and his wife stabbed 19 stab wounds. Travis and Jamilyn Juetten were sleeping at their home in rural Marion County, Oregon, on August 13 when a masked assailant broke in and began attacking them. Travis, 26, was killed in multiple stabbings at 3 a.m., and Jamilyn, 24, was stabbed 19 times, people say. Friends and family said Travis defended his wife and died after being severely beaten. Alain Leon, a friend of the couple, told KOIN TV: “He saved her life. He protected her from the attacker.”

Husband dies trying to protect his wife.

The couple planned to fly to Hawaii the next day and invited the resident to stay overnight. The man, who was sitting in the house at the attack, was sleeping in the next room and called the police when he heard the noise. The man who took the knife surprised those sitting in the house and later reportedly fled the scene. And also, police have not yet identified any suspects or motives for the attack.

Husband dies trying to protect his wife.

Travis’ family praised his “son, son-in-law, brother, and friend,” describing him as a kind, gentle, and loving man who “briefly shortened his life.” His family also confirmed that Jamilyn was hospitalized with serious injuries. Travis was a kind, gentle, and loving man who did not deserve to lose his life for reasons unknown to us,” the tribute reads. “While we mourn the passing of Travis and wish Jamilyn good health, we continue to care about the safety of our family, friends, and neighbors.” The family asked to contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Office for information that could help.

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