Since October the police had been on the search for Alezauna Carter. They finally found her fatally shot in a North Philadelphia apartment on April 18.

Fatally shot teenager found after 6 months of gone missing: ‘She Didn’t Deserve This’
Image credits: Philadelphia Police Department

After finding the dead body of a 13-year-old girl last month, a Philadelphian family is asking for answers. She was found dead in an apartment in North Philadelphia on April 18.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the officers responded to a call of someone being shot around 10:58 p.m. at Overington Street. 

When the officers arrived at the scene Alezauna was found unresponsive in a first floor apartment. 

As a result of a gunshot wound to her mouth she was announced dead at the scene. Until May 1, Alezauna’s body could not be identified as the victim, police said. 

A vigil was held for Alezauna on Tuesday by her friends and family. They released balloons honoring her and calling upon answers about her killer.

In a video recorded by FOX29 Alezauna’s mother said “She was a strong girl, but she didn’t deserve this.” She also added “We all tried to look for her and keep her safe every day.”

One of Alezauna’s cousins whose name was anonymous, also stood up to speak at her vigil. He said that Alezauna was the type of person who didn’t deserve any harm. 

“They think cause she out in the street, she doing something bad,” he said, adding, “people just hang around the wrong group of people.”

Before October 2020, Alezauna had run away from her parents a couple of times. October 2020 was the final time she could run away and go missing permanently.

The possible suspect for the girl’s death was caught in surveillance footage that was put out by Philadelphia Police Department on the 26th of April.

According to the police the suspect had a red shirt over a black long sleeve hooded sweatshirt. As for the lower body he was wearing red pants that had white stripes down the legs.

Anyone who gives valid information that will lead to an arrest and conviction will be rewarded $20,000.


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