Love Island star Kem Cetinay made BBC viewers laugh on Thursday night’s edition of the popular Masterchef edition.

The ITV announcer was so popular with viewers at home that some fans asked ITV Hunk to give him his cooking show because he thought it was ridiculous to watch. Not knowing what spice is, the handsome star began the episode by calling the spice yellow “dirty carrot.” Kem’s condition worsened when presenter John Torrod entrusted him with cooking a brandy dish for the first time.

Famous Masterchef fans ask Kem to give her a cooking show.

And also, the reality star had never heard of a brandy shop. And, at first, wondering if it was like “peach snaps” when he got upset while trying to make a pastry dish in the kitchen and made a humorous comment. However, despite his culinary mistakes, BBC viewers at home were obsessed with Kem’s honest statement – some asked Kem to come to his cooking show. One Twitter user suggested: “Please learn how to cook Kem whole series” Wanted to see more of the star for a second and wrote: “Kem thinks he’s capable of the next fun just for fun.”

Famous Masterchef fans ask Kem to give her a cooking show.

Like the third: “You’re not the best chef, but I didn’t laugh so much until I was older!

The fourth said: “I like Kem’s running comment,” while adding the smiling emoji.

A fifth said: “Breaking Kem Brandy is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

However, despite his low self-esteem, Kem managed to impress John with his brandy photos and later confessed that he was “didn’t have a clue” about what happened.

Famous Masterchef fans ask Kem to give her a cooking show.

Although he revealed to the restaurant and the former Masterchef competitor that he was unaware that the rice had gone into danger, he squandered a dish that John said: “tastes good.” He even managed to advance to the next round after receiving the highest marks from the experts for eating his nan’s fried red pepper. Sadly, hard dancer Johannes Radebe said it was time to hang up the apron after making a wet meal at the end of the show.

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