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Co-stars mocked GMB’s Susanna Reid for wearing a pink ‘dressing gown’ live on air.

Susanna Reid looks beautiful in pink at the Good Morning event in the UK on Thursday. But despite the glamorous look, she announced that it could be adopted as a home coat. Her colleagues also joined in the fun, and she was also known as Margot of Good Life and Hugh Hefner. Susanna, 50, confessed that she styled her look with a lot of jewelry to make it look like a non-night dress. She told viewers: “I got dressed this morning; I didn’t get dressed.” Her co-host Ben Shepherd said sarcastically: “It’s like Margot from Good Life.”

Co-stars mocked GMB's Susanna Reid for wearing a pink 'dressing gown' live on air.

“I like the look.” Then Kate Garage said: “You’re beautiful; what are you talking about?” Susanna explained:

“It wasn’t in the wardrobe, but I bought it online so that it may have happened by accident. I was more introverted with bracelets and rings and earrings and necklaces, and now I seem to have tried too hard to dress up. “Ben then went on to say: “Whether it was Margot or Hugh Hefner, he always wore a silk suit.”


You look like you’re taking off your dress and slipping into a jacuzzi Hugh Hefner style with a bikini under it. Susanna replied: “I knew this was coming, I knew this was coming.” This happened after Kate thanked her co-star Susanna for getting into the GMB hot seat to take on work with her for her family vacation. After a short break, Ben introduced the next part that convinced fans that it was a costume. One fan tweeted: “Why is Susanna Reid still dressed in GMB this morning?”

Co-stars mocked GMB's Susanna Reid for wearing a pink 'dressing gown' live on air.

Another said: “I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Susanna Reed is dressed in GMB!” When the third wrote: “Susanna Reed dressed. well, hello!” A fourth said: “Susanna Reid seems to be in the silk gown this morning, breaks it. She walks out of bed, brushes her teeth, comes in, loves it.”

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