The famous hairdresser, Louis Smith, 37, lived in Dubai and traveled to the Middle East for surgery. She reportedly became heavily addicted to changing her appearance after gaining weight during the lockdown. But Louis, of Coventry, West Midlands, died on July 28. Her friend Danny Chauhan told the newspaper she could not understand what had happened. She said: “We lost so many young lives because we wanted to see how social media portrays us in some way. I’m sorry you had to do this alone. ”

Brit Hairdresser Dies After 'Cut-Price' Surgery In Iran

Hairdresser, Louis Smith’s family still agrees to the devastating news.

Louise’s ‘sister, Sharon Elston, 51, told The Sun, “We’re all shocked at the moment.”

The hairdresser worked for Tony and Guy in the UK for 19 years. And reportedly moved to the Middle East in 2019 for a good life after a relationship ended. On the other hand, her family in the UK is now working hard to bring her body back home. And also, Louise’s father, Neil, said the process was “incredibly slow” and sadly did not have a specific date for his return.

Brit Hairdresser Dies After 'Cut-Price' Surgery In Iran

Thus, around £14,000 has been raised through crowdfunding. In 2019, Iran was projected to become a global center for cosmetic surgery at a discounted price, which is estimated to create about 150,000 jobs a year for the nose. This compares to 2,000 in the UK.

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