If mobility is key in Apex Legends, then owning a jetpack provides you a significant advantage. However, with new hero Valkyrie flying leisurely above the competition, Respawn has decided to tone down her jetpack.

Live balance designer John Larson mentioned earlier on Twitter today. See, Valk’s jetpack has two modes—a direct flight mode, and a “hover” that consumes fuel at 10% rate, This allows her to stay airborne for much longer at the expense of mobility. In practice, this meant many Valk players were just chilling in the clouds.

Larson does mention about Respawn feeling this was okay at launch, replying to a comment that “we thought about it, but we didn’t know for certain if it would manifest itself as an issue.” The change comes as Apex’s Global Series esports league spins up in earnest. With a $1 million prize pool, the developer clearly doesn’t like everyone ploughing to victory just by hovering beyond range.

Image credits: https://www.trueachievements.com

Respawn is being fair and up to the point in customizing this season’s new additions. Legacy’s new Bocek compound bow got nerfed after dominating it’s first week, while this week saw Apex finally punish people for quitting Arenas mid-game.

Honestly, I’m a bit sad to hear about Respawn cooling Valk’s jets for competitive play. However, Titanfall 2’s right there if you want your Apex gunfights to take place at 100mph.


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